"Christ died  for our sins  according to the Scriptures,"

A Brief historical sketch of the Schauderville Evangelical Bible Church  

The Booysen Park church had believers coming from many areas in the Northern areas, including the Gelvandale/Schauderville area. 

Believers had to travel 17 kilometers in order to worship with the believers of like precious faith. Soon a Bible study group met and later an evening service. Bible studies were held at Aunty Doreen and Paul Leo’s place in Springdale, and Evening services at Lawrence and Carol Seafield’s place in Cotswold. 

We would attend the morning service in Booysen Park and the evening service at the Seafield home.

Some believers who did not have evening service, joined us. I remember Deon picking up Oom Gussie from the old age home. Brother Len Leo and Aunty Sybil (Lawrence’s Mom), Sister Frances Leo and Aunty Doreen being regulars in these services. Aunty Doreen saw the need of a musician, and started playing organ in both the service and Bible Studies. She remained a faithful member and pianist of our Schauderville Ebcosa church, until she was promoted to Glory.

I remember preaching through 1st and 2nd Peter and the book of Jude. Brother Lawrence and Neil Terblanche shared the pulpit with me and it was a great blessing to have these men expounding the word with clarity and passion.

We soon realized that our people coming from Schauderville / Gelvandale area was growing and having the church meet in Cotswold, was a little impractical. So we started looking for a venue in the Schauderville area. We approached a High school, and was not successful. We also looked at purchasing (without money) a burned down building. The price was too high. 

We later approached the SOS Children’s village for the use of their premises. After being patient for a year, we were granted permission to use the Kinder Garden Hall in 2001. We paid R100 per Sunday and R20 extra for any other activity like Bible Study or Youth meetings. 

We met there only for evening services. I can recall how we met an hour before service to prepare the hall. The chairs were packed and stored outside the hall in a small storage section. Getting those chairs out and back in after service was time consuming. We later asked if a few of the chairs can be kept in the hall away from the elements of rain and dust. They agreed and later the SOS purchased new chairs and all 120 chairs was stored in the hall. That made it easier for us. 

After being there two years, we turned our attention to the homes in the village. After visiting every home, we were asked to have our Bible study in one of the houses. House 13 under the supervision of Thandi, became our regular meeting place on a Wednesday evening. Suddenly the village started coming to church. I remember one Sunday 17 young people came to know Christ. 

We later started a morning service and more people from the village attended. I think in 2004 the SOS Village Kinder Garden Principal, Mrs. Roman told me that they decided not to charge us for the use of the hall, seeing that 90% of the Village is attending our services. 

The activity grew, at one stage we had 3 Bible studies running at the same time on a Wednesday evening in different locations. Bro. Neil met with a few families in Gelvandale, Bro Lawrence met with a few families in Parrishvale, and I met at the village with Schauderville people.

 At one stage we had the following platforms of ministry:

• Sunday morning service

• Sunday evening service

• Wednesday Bible Study

• Thursday Cottage meetings

• Friday evening youth

• Sunday School

After laboring for about 5 years, in 2005 I was ordained as Reverend. This opened up other doors of ministry in the form of Marriage Counseling and Ceremonies. 

Many other families joined the church, the latest three families are the Adams, Reid and Japtah families.

The Bartis, Barends, Seafield, Terblanche, Eksteen, Winkwardt and Hendricks families, to name a few, was the nucleus that started out on this amazing journey. 

As I close this brief history of Schauderville Evangelical Bible Church, I know that God has strategically placed us in that Village so lives can be transformed. 

Respectfully submitted by Rev. Brandon Oliveria  

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