"Christ died  for our sins  according to the Scriptures,"

About Us 

Who We Are 

We are an Evangelical Bible Church meeting every week in Booysen Park
and for more than 12 years at the SOS Children’s Village in Schauderville. 
We have a 9am Sunday Morning Service for the entire family, 
running concurrently with the Sunday school service. 
Friday evenings we have Youth and every Wednesday we have 3 Homecells, one meeting at the Booysen Park Church, another at the SOS and the other  at the Seafield home. 

Contact Us:

 Senior Pastor: Rev.Brandon Oliveria
 Cell:  (+27) 61 402 4831 
 Email: pastor@ebcosape.co.za 

 Associate Pastor: Pastor Keith Adams                                                                        Cell: (+27) 73 998 4089                                                                                                Email: kidoadams2@gmail.com

EbcosaPE is currently meeting at the SOS Children Village in Searl Road, Schauderville and 3 Grenadiers Street, Booysen Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.